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Subject: Family-Reunion-4 incest, M/t,t,g/W, anal, oralNote that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are
FICTIONAL. The author recommends 'safe' sex in real life. You must be
above the Age of Consent in your particular area of the planet to read this
sort of stuff and you should NEVER allow minors access but you knew that
anyway. These are stories of boys, girl's youth, adults and young men and
once again they are FICTIONAL. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is
PURELY COINCIDENTAL. The normal disclaimers apply, please don't read if
you're underageI hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed
writing it. This is my second attempt at a story and I will submit it in
chapters. Please email me your comments to, I love
to get comments whether positive or constructively negative and or pictures
that you think represent this story.After arriving home my wife and I had a long talk about if we wanted to
stay married or not since we were having a difficult time before my
vacation to Germany. I had a suspicion that she was having an affair with
one of her students at the local community college which she taught at.We yelled at each other for a while and then we decided that we would split
up and go our separate ways. I board3 cgiworld com lolita told her as I walked out the door that I
bet that guys were better in bed than she was. I was not mad or bitter but
rather relieved that our marriage was coming to an end since I could not
lead under age lolita sex a double life any longer.As I was getting into my car a young man about the age of 18 or younger was
pulling up in front of the house and I looked at him and told him that my
wife was all his and she liked getting fucked in the ass. He looked at me
and asked who I was and I told him that I was Ann's husband. He looked
stunned and started to turn little lolita pantie models and leave and I asked him to wait.The young man waited by his car and I walked over to him and realized why
Ann liked this young man so much, he was cute even to me. The guy
introduced himself to me telling me that his name was Greg and Ann had
never told him that she was still married. Alan looked nervous as I placed
my hand on the top of the car and looked directly at him, I saw Ann looking
out the front window at us. She came to the door and told me to leave, but
I did not leave I just continued talking to GregI told Greg that he could have my wife with only one condition and that was
to let me suck his cock so I would know what cock was going to be buried
inside my wife after I left. Greg was stunned when I told him this but he
smiled and told me that he was bi board3 cgiworld com lolita and Ann was his first woman that he ever
had sex with. I knew that I had to have him before Ann got him more.I told Greg that I knew of a place we could go and have some fun together,
he smiled but I saw his hands shaking nervously as he turned and got into
his car. He followed me to a hotel and I registered for two persons, two
beds at the Motel 6 in Mission, Kansas.Once registering I waited for him to arrive and after 30 minutes I realized
I had scared off Greg and that was ok, but soon there was a knock on the
door and when I opened the door Greg was standing there. I let him in and
quickly pressed his body to the wall and started to French kiss him and he
responded very experienced. I quickly stripped him out of his jeans and
pulled off his t-shirt that he was wearing and was stunned at his beauty.
He was smooth all over, his pubic hair was shaved and his cock (which was
semi hard already) curved like a banana upward was cut and about 7 inches.I dropped to my knees and started to worship this young stud in front of
me.Within a few minutes we were on the first cute little lolita cunt bed by the wall kissing and
touching each other. He stripped off my clothes and gave me some of the
best head I had for a while other than Dieter.I rolled him over and started to rim his ass and finger it. He was panting
but told me that no one had ever licked or even rimmed him before; he was
in ecstasy as my tongue probed his inner regions. I asked him if he wanted
to get fucked and he shook his head yes, but I stopped and relaxed back on
the bed instead, he let out a whimper and asked me why I stopped. I told
Greg tell me about the sex you have illegal nude lolita toplist had with other guys and when did you
start having sex with Ann. I was surprised to hear that his uncle had
broken him in when he was 12 and by the time he was 16 he had been with a
dozen guys mostly guys my age and older. He and Ann started having sex
after he was at a school sponsored party and she came onto him. I talked
to him about when I started having sex with guys about the same age or a
little younger and that Ann was the first woman that I ever had sex with
other than oral when I was in high school, so we had something in common
with Ann. We both laughed and then I kissed him and rolled him into the 69
position and we enjoyed ourselves for what seemed like hours but rather
maybe just 30 minutes until my jaw started to ache then I rolled him over
to his back spat on his hole, and pushed my cock inside of him slowly to
see if he could accept my cock without to much pain. To my surprise it
slipped in easily and I knew he had been fucked recently. I continued to
push into until I was balls deep and then started to pull out and thrust
inside my new lover. We had sex the rest of the afternoon and I got to
learn to love his thin banana curved cock buried inside of me. WE took a
shower together after we finished and I made an agreement with him that he
could have Ann as long as we could continue having sex with each other, he
smiled and agreed.I ended up giving Ann the house and over half of the assets that we had
together and I ended up having Alan as my lover for the next three years
and took him over to Germany for Marlies wedding. The pre-wedding
festivities were great. Marlies, Kristopher, Dieter, Karin, Greg, Johann
and myself all had sex multiple times up to the wedding day and night.
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